Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Skull Dolls have arrived at SIFF!

Skull Dolls have entered the SIFF band search! Keep up to date with their shenanigans and info about them in the comp by following their blog here.

Alice Vixen - Lead vocals + Guitar

Tia Vixen - Lead guitar + Vocals

Dylan Riot - Bass

Mary-Jayne Steele - Drummer

'I'll Meet You Backstage' video clip shots (click here to see more)

First self titled album (click here to check out the playlist)


  1. I loved them, especially the vocalist.
    I swear it is not because she had the same name than me, haha. The hair looks great.
    I also like Mary-Jayne's clothes, pretty. :D

  2. you could put Aunt Vixen to download? Thank you xx.

    1. Do you mean Alice? I will probably put them up for download eventually but that will be after the band comp is finished :P But I will definitely keep this in mind :)