Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just Keep Swimming - Female Swimsuits

Mesh by Modish Kitten (used with permission :). 
 Base game compatible. 3 variations. For Young Adults & Adults. Enabled for swimwear only.
Cotton candy shine & Pink flowers are not recolourable. Ariel vs. Jaws has recolourable back and straps.

Please do not re-upload to any other site. If linking, link back to this post. Thanks!

Download zip including .package & thumbnails from:


Jaws vs. Ariel design by Black Milk. Cotton candy shine design by Molly & Polly. Flower texture from here.


  1. ohmygod i just died wow i am so happy i've been trying to find that swimsuit for my sims for so long its so funny because i was recently gifted that shark vs mermaid swimsuit and now i find it for my sims!? THANK YOU SO MUCH BLESS YOUR SOUL