Thursday, 23 January 2014

Aussie flag singlets for Australia Day

Made some quick Aussie flag singlets coz Australia Day XD 
Hope you have a great day off my fellow Aussie simmers & stay as cool as you can :P

Female mesh by Sentate. Male mesh by EA. Both enabled for YA & A in everyday & sleepwear. Files have been compressed & are base game compatible. Male 332KB & Female 552KB.  Any problems with the files just let me know.

Please do not re-upload. If linking, please link back to this post.

Download Female singlet .package from:

Download Male singlet .package from:


  1. ~ Sorry to bother,but do I need to download the mess for these to work,or are they included(sorry for asking but I have too many Missing out fits(that creates a missing body for Sims) I remove them but CC Magic will not let go!LOL!)
    ~ I love these by the way,was meaning to make some,so thank you so much <3 .
    ~ Thanks again for your time! (",)

    1. Hi, sorry I only just saw this! They are both base game compatible so that means you don't need the mesh :)