Saturday, 25 June 2016

These wings were made to.. wall stickers for TS3

Why hello there

Have this set of wall stickers coz' you're awesome.
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3 wings + 3 clouds
Fully re-colourable. Can be adjusted up & down
Has been compressed to 475 KB
Mesh= Half-height wall writing by Aikea Guinea

~ Please don't reupload ~

Download from:

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Some TS4 Goodies

So I'm nowhere up to date with the TS4 CC scene 
so I hope similar recolours don't already exist oop
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~ Please don't re-upload ~

Cupcake Factory Recolours
3 new colours
Found in Appliances> Kitchen Appliances for $1,200
Includes custom thumbnail
Download stand alone .package

Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel Recolours
4 new colours
Found in Decorations> Wall decorations for $185
Includes custom thumbnail
Download stand alone .package

Arctic Kiss Fan Pastel Recolours
I have unlocked this to be available in Decorations> Miscellaneous for $50
Also enabled for Gym, Retail, Library & Laboratory venues
Includes custom thumbnail
Download stand alone .package

Simplicity Shade Galaxy Recolours
[Seen in picture above]
3 new swatches
Found in Decorations> Window coverings for $65
Includes custom thumbnail

Download stand alone .package

Monday, 31 August 2015

Let Me Escape Wall Set for TS3

Helloooo, it's been a while!

These have been sitting in my WIP folder forever. 
Thought it was time I finished them up.
I bring you 7 sets of wall murals.
I have made 2 versions: 1 without a frame & 1 with
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~ Please don't reupload ~

V1 - Frameless
All 7 sets in V1 are frameless as seen below.
V1 walls are categorised under 'Wall sets' for $10.
All files have been compressed.

Download .zip containing all individual V1 .packages & previews from

V2 - With frame
All 7 sets in V2 include a recolourable frame.
The frame texture is from Lalabubus' Bad Taste wall murals 
that were converted to TS3 by Hiemal.

V2 also includes Lalabubus' plain grungy wall [that I made a minor edit to] 
so you can extend the frame as seen below.
The plain wall has 2 recolourable channels [frame & wall].
V2 walls are categorised under 'Wall sets' for $5.
All files have been compressed.

Download .zip containing all individual V2 .packages & previews from
Box or Mediafire


01 [3 tiles]

02 [3 tiles]

03 [2 tiles]

04 [3 tiles]

 05 [2 tiles]

06 [2 tiles]

07 [2 tiles]

Other CC used in preview images 

Image sources: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]
I found all the images on Pinterest..
I have only included the original sources I could backtrack to via Google images.
If you know any of the other original sources for these gorgeous images let me know & I will link them.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Georgiana Paraschiv prints for TS4

Mesh by EA edited by me
Artwork by Georgiana Paraschiv

2 sets of 6 variations
All variations have own thumbnail in game
In game price $100

~ Please do not re-upload ~

Set 01 [130 KB] & Set 02 [151 KB]
Download .rar with both .packages from:

Monday, 10 November 2014

Szabolon's Flamingo Walls for TS3

Can't believe it's November already ack!

I'm in love with these TS2 flamingo walls from Szabolon so 
I've converted some of them for TS3.

12 variations categorised under 'Wallpaper' for $5.
All credit to Szabolon for the textures.
All files have been compressed [largest file 132KB] 
and are base game compatible.
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~ Please do not re-upload ~

Download .zip containing all individual .packages & thumbnails from
Box or Mediafire

Unedited previews: